The Strain of Social Media

 So for a while now I’ve been feeling awful. I would say I have been feeling anxious about things and also really sad as well. In all honesty it has begun to scare me just how worried and sad I can feel on days. Especially during this last month I have a lot of sad emotions and it’s all been put on my poor boyfriend who has had to put up with the lack of motivation and the break downs of tears that shake my whole body. As well as the ridiculous worries over everything that I know are silly but I just can’t help it.

I have been trying for a while to figure out why I feel like this, I think it’s things to do with work, friendships, past events and the norm of relationship arguments that are heightened by my emotions at the moment. But I think one main culprit is social media. I scroll when I’m on public transport, I scroll when watching tv, I scroll every morning and every night before bed. I follow so many amazing bloggers and travel bloggers and yes I enjoy seeing everything and it gives me such inspiration and amazement at what can be created and I am so proud and in awe of what people have achieved. But it also makes me think of all the things I long for but feel like I’ll never be able to achieve and places I’ll never travel to. I also wouldn’t say I’m materialistic but seeing people post outfits and things all day everyday I long to own it just to look as good as them and to post with outfits that look amazing and it does fuel your clothing need seeing it all the time (well it does for me anyway)

 It’s also so easy to see what people get up to every second and when I spend weekends doing nothing and seeing people out and about and travelling it really gets to me. I know it’s not hard to go out and do things, but sometimes I struggle to think of ideas that both me and my boyfriend can enjoy – that’s a different story. But it’s very easy to be sucked into it all through just swiping all day every day. Recently there was a survey that said that instagram is the main cause of anxiety and depression for those between 14-24 years old and it really made me think, is this why I feel the way I do? Its all so easily accessible and so easy to just post what you want people to see and although I am also aware of that I feel like it’s still tricky for me. I promised myself I’d never be someone who lets it influence me and my emotions but without realising it I feel it really has begun to effect me.

So that’s why I decided that I need to take a step back from social media a lot more. I want to start picking up my phone less and not being fussed about what people are wearing or travelling too or even just getting up to in the day. Of course I want to achieve what others are able to but I know its incredibly hard work. So I decided on Wednesday (this day was picked due to the fact I knew I was going to be busy) to have a complete social media and shopping app free day, I deleted all my social media and shopping apps so I wasn’t tempted and honestly it was quite refreshing. It helped that I had a day full of eating and enjoy time with my best friend and getting content for my blog and instagram. But I didn’t really get the itchy feeling of wanting to scroll and things nor did think about the things I was missing. I was just enjoying being the moment properly spending time with peoples whose company I was in.  I think honestly it really benefitted me, I didn’t get the sinking feeling of wanting to be doing and creating what others were I was just focusing on me and what I wanted to take photos of.

I think even if it’s something you enjoy doing, everyone needs to take a break once in a while to regather your thoughts and bring yourself back to the hear and now, even if its for 5-10 minutes. It really does do you the world of good and I think I will try from now on to stop picking my phone up too often and even try to have a social media detox once a week because it’s really healthy.

Have any of you taken days away from everything or have a day every week where you don’t touch it?

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Elizabeth Apps x


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  1. I totally know this feeling. I think it's so easy to forget that social media is a small window into people's lives – rarely is it ever the full picture! I hated that Instagram was the first thing I saw each morning and the last thing before I went to bed so I introduced a rule where I turn my phone off by 9:30 each night and don't turn it back on the next morning until I'm ready to leave the house (I use an actual alarm clock to wake up!).

    Social media can be a great thing and like you said it can be inspiring to see other people's achievements but constant exposure can get to all of us!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour


  2. I know right, it can be so draining as well as inspiring can't it! I love your rule of no phone after 9:30 and not until you're ready! I might even nab that! xx


  3. Social media is brutal but you can't compare your worst to someone's best. Let's be honest the happiest people aren't posting loads on social media because they're content. Taking breaks is so good for you xxxx


  4. Definitely know how you feel. I've been cutting down on my scrolling time too and focusing on being more present “in the moment” xxx


  5. I've rarely been scrolling through at the moment because it got to a point that I was just comparing every little thing to other people & just wasn't healthy. Definitely worth taking a step back xx


  6. I completely agree with you. I find myself scrolling through my phone even when I'm doing something else and I actually get quite frustrated with myself. Recently I've been trying to find more of a balance between my life online and the real world and it's working wonders. I definitely agree with what you said about how social media can provide inspiration and motivation, and I try my hardest to use it for positive reasons, but I definitely find myself slipping and feeling down when I'm constantly looking at how wonderful other peoples lives are. But I just keep reminding myself that it's only their best bits. Just like my instagram is mine. We don't see any of their meltdowns, rough nights or days spent on the sofa and that's what we need to remind ourselves of! Since I've stopped scrolling so much I've noticed such an increase in my productivity and general happiness. I'm definitely going to be avoiding my phone more in the future! This was a lovely post <3 xxx


  7. I completely agree. I've always thought people are happiest and enjoying what they're doing the most when they aren't on their phones and recording every second and such. We should all live in the moment xx


  8. good for you lovely! It's so hard to do but so worth it for us all to do! xxx


  9. Exactly that's what I do all the time, I notice their following and content their producing and it's not healthy. I just need to do it for me and focus on what I like doing xxx


  10. You're welcome lovely x


  11. Exactly it's not healthy to scroll all the time, I even do when I'm out with friends and it's just so rude! Exactly that's what we have to remember, that people post what they want you to see and it's not going to be the norm of what 90% of us actually do on a daily basis. Just focus on us and what we're doing. Breaks are so healthy and good for us xxx


  12. My charger didn't work for 2 days so I had to stop using it. It was a great opportunity to relax and chill out, have to say!


  13. A lot of this rang very true for me. I’m glad I’m not alone! I need to try and have a digital detox once a week or just limit the time I spend scrolling. Instagram can be good for inspiration but if it makes you feel bad it’s time to step away!

    Ella xx


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