That £15 Gucci Dupe Everyone Is After

I cannot get enough of graphic tees at the moment, the are so big this season and everyone seems to be wearing them every where you look! Especially THAT gucci tee, that did the rounds on social media and man was it really nice, but the price tag however was something I and I’m sure many weren’t willing to pay. That’s why on many of my scouring the internet moments this fell into my life, I saw it. Went to town and nabbed it and boy am I glad I did. At the moment it’s currently saying it’s all sold out online but I’m sure there are some still in store, well there was in my local Topshop when I took a visit last week. But hopefully if you’re persistent enough one will pop up because if it’s not already I think this will be all over the blogosphere in no time.
I decided to team it with my denim skirt, which by the way topshop can we have a little more material please the horror of realising your bum is on display and having to use your jacket as a tie around to cover up is not very chic! Pairing it with my trusty belt and there you have it. This belt I add to pretty much every outfit I really think it just pulls the whole look together, any look for that matter. I’m actually currently on the look out for a gucci belt dupe to change up belts now and again so if any of you have found one let me know where! 
I love a good dupe and that’s what my space aims to be a place where people can come and relate to the outfits as they are at a price range that most of us can afford. Don’t get me wrong I love a good designer and seeing what other bloggers are getting and I mean who wouldn’t want a the latest designer handbag. But right this moment not all of us can and a lot of us are just happy with the dupes and so that’s what I aim to do, style affordable outfits for most if not all my readers and help you find those dupes so you too can recreate those high end looks but with a small price tag!

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Photography by my lovely boyfriend.

Elizabeth Apps x


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  1. I've been seeing everyone in the Gucci one but I actually prefer this! Lovely photos- let's meet up soon for photos xxxx


  2. I love a dupe! I love that you have paired this with a denim skirt it looks really nice! I need to get this graphic tee!! Xxx


  3. I really want this t shirt! Love the outfit, goes so well xx


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


  5. So do I! I just love red and white together at the moment! Thank you and definitely give me a message and we should meet xxxx


  6. Me too, you can't beat it! Thank you I'm glad you like it! Yeah go and get it! xxx


  7. go and get it! Thank you xx


  8. Love how you've styled this outfit, that denim skirt with the graphic tee is always such a classic combo!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


  9. I love graphic t-shirts as well, i think its safe to say that i am obsessed with them lol. I love how you styled the outfit it's super cute and definitely a style I can see myself wearing as well 🙂

    Nikki O.


  10. Thank you lovely! I love graphic tees and denim at the moment x


  11. I know right, me to! Thank you I'm glad I seemed to have inspired you a little xx


  12. Haha of course, it's such a gorgeous tee I'm always grabbing for it! x


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