Learn to Trust Yourself

So I saw this post on Sinead’s blog and got all inspired because I saw how she wrote that her sister inspired the post and the more I thought the more I realised how this post is like a shout out to my own sister as she inspired me to write something on a similar wave length that Sinead had.

Of course in a way it’s always a form of flattery when someone is always asking your opinion because it shows that they value your thoughts, but sometimes it can get a little draining. My boyfriend for example is always hammering on about how I can never make a decision by myself and I always catch myself texting my friend with any clothing opinions and although I do think it’s always nice to get someones opinion I noticed how we both need to learn to make decisions by ourselves and trust that what we decide will be the right decision for us, no matter what opinions other people have.

Usually most of the time, we have already made our own decisions up and got an answer anyway and really all we’re doing is wanting to find someone to agree with us to clarify we’re making the right decision. Wouldn’t it make things happen a lot faster if we weren’t waiting for that reply or waiting to ask that person to agree with us? You know yourself whether you like a piece of clothing or not for example straight away when you try it on, so why do we waste time waiting for someone else to agree with what we already know.

Although I have been asking my friend whether I should blog about this or that, 9 times out of 10 I already know what I want to blog about and lets be honest it’s my own little space so I should write what I want and if people like it they do and if they don’t they don’t, not everyone will like your blog.

What I’m going to try myself is think about whether I want the piece of clothing or if I want to write the post or not without asking people first. Because at the end of the day we are the authors of our own stories but it won’t be our own story if we get people to help us edit it all the time!

Next time you feel you’re not sure about it and wanting to ask someone try with me in stopping and thinking truly what it is you want to do, will it make you happy? Then see how you feel.

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Elizabeth Apps x


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